Kevin Stansfield – South Central Coach of the Year 2023

Winning the game of business is tough. Statistics show that less that 20% of businesses reach their 15th birthday, and of those, only 5% will ever break the £1 million sales mark, and less that 1% will achieve £10 million in annual sales.

So what is stopping YOU having the business you want?

The game of business is a complex one. Nobody sets the rules for you and you don’t really know what the game looks like. Most people have no idea of what winning the game means, let alone how to get there!

But when you look at it simplistically, there are probably only 3 things that you really want from your business:

  1. To ENJOY the work that you do;
  2. To make MONEY and have TIME to enjoy the lifestyle that you want;
  3. To eventually be financially FREE, so that you can work because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to.

Well, that’s where I can help you. Think of me as your guide to the mountain you want to conquer, your first mate on your voyage, or just your coach at the side of the field, offering support, guidance an knowledge to help you win your game.

If you want more from your business, then book a call or meeting with me, or come along to one of our events and see me in action. Call my office on 02380 560833 to arrange a call or meeting, or go to our Events page to see what’s on.

Remember, the only thing stopping you being the best you can be is YOU! So let me help you win the game of business.

Our #1 focus is to help business owners grow their business and achieve their goals

The team at ActionCOACH Solent have worked with over 250 local businesses in the South of Hampshire. We are proud to have helped these brilliant business owners to achieve an average increase in profit of over 47%. But really, we are just getting started! If YOU are serious about growing your business, we can help you achieve that, and so much more!

Watch this short video to see the ActionCOACH 6 steps system that will help you achieve the success you desire.

An introduction to ActionCOACH Solent covering who we are and what we do.

ActionCOACH Solent

Operating from our HQ near to Southampton, Hampshire, at ActionCOACH Solent we offer business coaching, training, mentoring, advice and support to a wide range of businesses, from small owner-managed organisations to multi-million pound companies with large management teams, and from start-ups to businesses being prepared for sale.

Our passion is helping business owners to have better lives by being more successful, making more money and having more time to spend it! But it isn’t all about the money. A key part of the work we do with our clients is helping them to clarify their dreams and goals for the future and make a plan to achieve those dreams and goals, whatever they may be.

We invite you to join one of our events and see how being a part of the Action community can benefit you and your business.

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