Working Less and Maintaining a Successful Business Listen to the podcast here

Discover how ActionCOACH helps business owners and senior executives to realize their full potential and take their businesses to the next level of success. He explains the importance of working less so that you can spend more time doing what you love. Kevin highlights ideas around building a team and delegating the right way so that you don’t get overworked and ultimately burn out.

“If you want to work less, you got to be clear what work less looks like.”- Kevin Stansfield

Your Entrepreneurial Success Listen to the podcast here

Many people are leaving their corporate jobs to become entrepreneurs. This can be good move in many circumstances, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Business coach Kevin Stansfield comes on the show to talk about how you can minimize your risk when purchasing or starting a business, and there are a number of factors to keep in mind with both.

Winning the Game of Business  Listen to the podcast here 

So many people quit their job to become their own boss and end up becoming a slave to their business. Kevin’s dad walked away from a very high-paying job to buy a business from a stranger in a pub which ended up consuming his life. When Kevin lost his dad to that business he made a promise to himself that he would save others from making the same mistake.

How to Win at the Game of Business  Watch the podcast here

Vertical momentum resiliency podcast on YouTube

Sheep eating grass  Catch the podcast here

Have you ever wondered why you procrastinate? Have you ever noticed how some people are motivated by money and fame and others are motivated by making impact? Kevin breaks down the three primary parts of your brain that determine how you operate as an entrepreneur from a physiological perspective.

Don’t be a slave to your business  Listen here

Business isn’t personal and growth should be fun, not stressful. Find out how Kevin has helped over 300 business owners to work less, earn more and play the game of business better than you ever thought they could.

How to survive business growth  Listen to the podcast here

Tips on going from a small business to a big business, business planning, how to move beyond your business, and more!

Thought Leadership – How to survive the rollercoaster ride of business ownership  Catch the podcast here 

Kevin talks about the lessons to be learned about business, as described in his book, The Big Dipper.

Mastering the Business Game – the parallels between business and golf  Listen to this podcast here

Kevin says he has always looked at businesses as a game. “If you can treat your business as a game that you’d be playing, like golf, football, baseball, whatever it might be, then I think you come at it from a completely different angle.” He describes business leaders and their coachability in golf terms of beginners, improvers, lifestylers, and masters, and we explore the question… why don’t more people who know coaches use coaches?