As a business owner, the task of managing a team can completely take over your week.  Dealing with day to day issues, questions and niggles can drain your time, affect productivity and efficiency, and leave you feeling like you’re constantly firefighting.


Maybe it’s time to take a different approach to management and get your business running more smoothly.  The good news is – all you need is just THREE short meetings per week to do it.  Follow this simple formula, and you’ll notice positive changes in your business very quickly.

You should have these meetings with your key staff members only.  They in turn should be having these meetings with their team members, so everyone in the organisation is following the same process.

So what are these 3 meetings that will change how you manage your business?

1) Monday WIP Meeting – 10 minutes

We recommend having a short WIP (Work in Progress) meeting on a Monday. The purpose of this is to establish that everyone is clear on what their priorities are for the week, what are they working on, what deadlines are they working to, what help they may need, etc.

Monday is also a great day for your team to share with you their weekly to do list. Get your team to send you their to do list  (by text or email is fine), so you can track their progress later in the week. Each team member should also be writing a daily to do list every evening, for the following day.

2) LION Meeting – 30 to 60 minutes

Mid week, get together for a LION meeting, with the following agenda:

  • Last Week – what did you achieve last week?
  • Issues  – what issues did you face, and how did you solve them?
  • Opportunities – what opportunities have you spotted this week?
  • Next Week – what do you commit to achieve next week?

3) Friday WIFLE – 15 to 30 minutes

The WIFLE (“what I feel like expressing”) is a useful tool for people to let everyone else know what they are excited about at the moment, share best practices, suggest fixes, air concerns or highlight blockages.

Each person in your team will take their turn of having a WIFLE (1-2 minutes), and while each person is speaking, no one else can interrupt. This can be a great opportunity to celebrate success or to brainstorm solutions together as a team. If you find recurring issues or common themes during the WIFLE meeting, it may be worth sitting down to see what can be done to deal with these in the future.

Friday should also be the day that every member of staff compiles next week’s to do list, so that everyone is starting Monday with a clear idea of what needs to be done that week.

So now you know how to manage your team in less than 2 hours per week, so go on – take ACTION, and get your team meetings working for your business!