I often hear from people that nowadays that Facebook marketing just isn’t what it used to be, and has effectively died a death.  It is true that it just isn’t that effective anymore for some businesses, and that is mainly down to the evolution of technology and the inevitability of change that comes as a result.

In this article I throw some light on why things aren’t working as well as they used to, and how you can go about bringing your Facebook marketing back to life.

The Big Issue

Newsflash – Facebook marketing actually does still work.  The issue is that most businesses are using it in the wrong way.  Most companies think they can just post an image or article on their page, and then that post will be shown to everyone in their area who likes that page.  These companies or personal brands assume that by doing simple posts, they can grow their brand, increase online engagement, and boost sales. Unfortunately, while this worked to some extent in the beginning, this approach simply isn’t enough anymore.

Daily posts do not increase engagement or sales.  In fact, it is more than likely that daily posts will only get interactions (comments, likes, etc.) from the same handful of people.  Businesses rely on the organic algorithm to drive their posts and boost content to their audience, but the formula has changed.

There is Light

Back in the early days of Facebook, the organic reach was close to 25 percent of the audience, meaning 25 of every 100 followers would see the post.  Now, the organic reach is less than 1 percent, so even if you’ve put in the work to round up your first 10,000 page Likes, only a tiny fraction of those 10,000 people are seeing what you’re doing online.

These days, the only way to guarantee that people see your content on Facebook is to create ads.  Otherwise, you’ll continue to think Facebook marketing is dead.  Creating ad campaigns is really the only sure-fire way to make Facebook work for your business.  It guarantees reach and views by simply putting your posts in front of people, but it’s your responsibility to ensure that the post is great to get that all important engagement!  Don’t forget, content is King.

Many businesses don’t plan their approach or spend enough on advertising in the beginning to get the results they desire.  They attempt somewhat of a one-and-done approach, as if tossing a snowball off a mountain will guarantee momentum.  But running one ad will not lead to follow-ups or re-marketing.  It also doesn’t produce enough data to create a better game plan for the future.  You need to be planning and investing in an ongoing Facebook ads campaign to ensure your marketing on the platform is effective.

So, is Facebook marketing really dead?  No, but the rules have changed and will likely continue to change, so get ready to gather your data and create campaigns to grow your audience, boost sales, and get results.