To build a successful business, you have to get the marketing right. You can’t ignore the importance of marketing your company brand effectively in order to create a business that prospers. Below, I have listed the three fundamental marketing practices that you should adopt in order for your marketing strategy to be a success.

1. Get visual

The average attention span for people looking at marketing pieces is just 8 seconds.  So you can see how vital it is that your marketing messages grab the attention of potential customers, before it is diverted elsewhere. Creating remarkable visuals is a great way to stand out from the crowd of your competitors. Graphic programmes such as Canva or Visage provide an easy way to create beautiful, impactful visuals such as infographics , social media posts or banners. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and when in comes to content, this really is the case.

2. Master the Call to Action

After all of the hard work you put in to get customers to visit your website, landing page or social media post, it is essential that you don’t lose them by a lack of clear ‘call to action’. A call to action is something that acts as a sign post, telling your visitors where to click or what to do next – for instance, after reading a blog on your website, the call to action may be to sign up for a newsletter or book a free webinar place.

3. Start a conversation

A key mistake that many business owners make is to think of their website as a tool for broadcasting to a large group of people at once. Instead, it is better to build website design and content with a human touch. Your focus should be on providing content that individual customers will relate to and love, and that highlights the uniqueness of your business. Ensure that you design your website and content with the customer in mind throughout, and you will soon find that conversation wins over broadcasting.

What fundamental marketing strategies do you follow in your business? If you need help with creating a marketing strategy that works, come along to our next Marketing Mastery Workshop. Details are on our Events page.